On this episode – Abel and Paul investigate Taco Bell's latest addition to their fast food arsenal #NACHOFRIES. The guys provide expert insight on the faux-Mexican restaurant's latest innovation. What do we want? The Ginger? The King? The Clown? No. Yo quiero Taco Bell. 

The boys start off by recapping the Grammys. They discuss the highlights of the evening and their general thoughts on awards shows. The conversation migrates to the stars of the evening, two musical geniuses under 5'3, Bruno Mars and K. Dot Lamar. They ask the questions, "Does Daddy Yankee's ladies call him Daddy or Papi?" and "What's the difference between Best Song and Best Record?" (18:00). The pod takes a weird and dark turn when they the discuss the recent suicide of former Glee actor and pedophile, Mark Salling (30:00). Before food talk Abel and Paul find their way back to zombie land (38:30). 

FOOD TALK: Two words TACO BELL. Two more words NACHO FRIES. Abel and Paul discuss their personal relationships with America's Favorite Mexican franchise, ketchup, and the guys' favorite fries. As always, they give their final review. PLUS: Sage advice to the question "when you're a fat teenager, what do you put in the lunchbox to get the box?" (1:24:00).