On this episode Abel and Paul drive through America's favorite red headed franchise, Wendy's. Named after the daughter of Wendy's founder and deity, Dave Thomas, this national chain answers the questions – where's the beef? and fresh over frozen? A great product from a great man, Dave Thomas's legacy lives on. 

The episode starts off with a recap of Paul's recent trip to Miami where he continued his education on local/ global food systems, social gastronomy, and sustainability. FAIR WARNING if you don't care about making the a better place and find this boring skip to (15:00). The boys shift their attention to Kanye's theatre of the absurd and discuss his recent hijacking of conservative values. Is Kanye a disillusioned elitist megalomaniac with no real connection to the people? Is this just garbage performance art? What are the Kardashians laced with? Do you miss the old Kanye? DO YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS, SWAY???? (16:00-35:00)

FOOD TALK: As a palate cleanser from Kanye the boys discuss their most recent experience at Wendy's and their historical connection to this burger chain. Getting their summer bodies ready, Abel and Paul gorge on Dave's Doubles, BACONATERS, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, nuggets, and frosty dairy desserts. As always, they give their final copper lunch box rating (36:00-1:05:00)