The Transformers: The Movie is a 6 million dollar animated film that came out in 1986, co-produced and directed by Nelson Shin, who also produced the original The Transformers television series on which the film was based. The origins of that cartoon series was a line of toys produced by Hasbro, based on designs which originated in Japan, toys that were vehicles which transformed into robots. The film spawned an amazing hard rock soundtrack which is the focus of today’s episode. On this episode you will hear conversations BJ had with Stan Bush, who wrote and sang the first single from the soundtrack, "The Touch," Vince Dicola, who wrote the song "Dare," also sung by Stan Bush (Vince also wrote the score for the film), and members from the three bands featured on the soundtrack: Jerry Best, bassist from Lion, who recorded a heavy metal version of The Transformers theme, Ernie Petrangelo, guitarist and songwriter from Rhode island metal band NRG, responsible for the killer track "Instruments of Destruction," and Larry Gillstrom, guitarist from Canadian heavy metal band Kick Axe, who were credited as Spectre General for the soundtrack, they contributed two songs, "Nothing’s Gonna Stand In Our Way" and "Hunger." This episode is a deep dive into one of the funnest movie soundtracks of the eighties. It's more than meets the ear!