Believe it or not there is a thriving rock scene in North America that has been churning out great music for decades but very few people outside of the Canadian province of Quebec even know about it. This is because Quebec (population 8 million) is a predominantly French speaking province surrounded by English speaking provinces and the US below it and this has led to the development of what some people refer to as Francophone: Quebec based bands or artists that choose to perform in French and thus find themselves isolated to Quebec. A band from Quebec that performs in French will be heard by very few people outside of Quebec and that's just the way it is, until now. On this episode BJ is joined once again by Simon Fauteux, who was himself once a rock artist from Quebec who chose to perform in French. Simon has put together a list of 20 of the greatest songs by the most important rock artists from Quebec, from the seventies until today. Listen and learn.