Listen to new interviews with Buckcherry (Josh Todd), Anthrax (Charlie Benante) and DevilDriver (Dez Fafara) on this episode of Westwood One's Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. Firehouse's Bill Leverty co-hosts.

In the episode's first interview, singer Josh Todd of Buckcherry talks about the band's upcoming Gen-X Summer Tour (with LIT, P.O.D. & Alien Ant Farm), new album in October, Josh Todd & The Conflict & starting another brand, his You Made Me solo album and potential future solo albums, the lack of proper promotion for Buckcherry records, the lineup change, hanging out with RATT & Bobby Blotzer back in the '80s, Love/Hate and their album Blackout In The Red Room, the hard work in the early days to establish the band, his hernia & operation, 20th anniversary of their debut album, the fight over the Time Bomb album and much more.     In our second interview, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante discusses the band's latest release Kings Among Scotland, work of their next new album, is KISS' Destroyer album overrated, the band's artwork, the retirement of Slayer & Anthrax's time to call it a day, is the upcoming new music still sounding 'pissed off and angry', the importance of making new music, playing 'the same tired Korn riff', the 25th anniversary of Sound Of White Noise and its importance to the band, quote: 'our hardcore metal fans turned their back on us', KISS' Rock And Roll over being an 'immediate classic', the imagery and merchandising of Anthrax, Hip Hop, Axl Rose joining AC/DC and a whole lot more.    And in the episode's final interview, DevilDriver's Dez Fafara explains the band's upcoming Outlaws 'Til The End (Vol.1) album, the genesis of the project, the special guests on the album, getting sober, lifestyle choices, being vegan, his love of animals & animal cruelty (approx at the 1hr41mark), following ducks & quokkas on Instagram, ruining the planet, working on two new albums, Metallica and a lot more.   

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