ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON presents guitarist, TOMMY SKEOCH (recorded March 2020). 

In this episode, former TESLA guitarist TOMMY SKEOCH discusses his new band Resist & Bite, the 'habits' that forced him to depart Tesla, Bar 7, the Tesla sound and producers Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero, Paul McCartney, the band's connection to Def Leppard, his thoughts on guitarist Frank Hannon, and much more. 


"Somewhere around '93-'94, I started delving into some really hard core dope and sh*t like that... 
... We ended up doing another record (Into The Now) and things were pretty chill, but then -  I don't know what happened to me man - I just got kinda sick of f***ing everything and just started f***ing doing it hard and that was it. I just wasn't haven't it and they weren't having me."

On reuniting with Tesla: "If they asked me, I would do it."

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