ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON presents Grand Funk Railroad drummer, Don Brewer (recorded January 2020).

During our conversation Don discusses the band's 2020 touring plans, recruiting hard rock guitarist Bruce Kulick, why new music isn't necessary, playing to pre-recorded tracks, Detroit, his band Flint, were their live albums - really live, the band's history and much more. 

Quotes from the interview: 
"This particular incarnation of Grand Funk has been touring for 20 years, but that's a fact and we keep it going because it's a fun show."

Bruce Kulick: "We looked at videos of Bruce playing in a disco band. Bruce is a very capable guitar player. He doesn't just play the heavy metal stuff... he plays anything he wants to."

"Let's be real, how many bands have the original members?... Personally, I can't foresee a Grand Funk out there with no original members, but certainly in this day and age - anything is possible."

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