Joe's NEW ALBUM "The Elephants Of Mars" is available on April 8th 2022, pre-order at We discuss his guitar rigs and tones over time, the art of engineering in the studio, differences between CD's and Vinyl, how being in debt $5000 helped him launch his career and joining The Greg Kihn Band, song writting and advice for players! 00:44 - Guitar Amps and Rigs 03:42 - Meaning of the song makes the Guitar Tone 05:33 - The importance of RE AMPING 07:10 - Why use amps when it's getting compressed? 09:48 - Analog vs Digital - losing tone cause of vinyl 12:33 - The vinyl experience 14:37 - Eddie Van Halen modded Frankenstein 16:21 - Being in Credit Card Debt lead Surfing With The Alien 22:08 - Not satisfied creatively 23:35 - Not having to wear spandex and look 80's 25:33 - Radio and Fans made it a success 27:25 - How song writting has changed over the years 29:41 - Song Inspiration 33:50 - Advice for Guitar Players and How to Be A Better 38:07 - Effects Loop vs Front of Amp 38:40 - Art Shows and Tour 39:43 - Any new Chickenfoot coming soon? 

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