Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon presents singer, Johnny Edwards (recorded December 2019).

Johnny discusses his work with Foreigner (the Unusual Heat album), his new band Bleu Phonque, his career including working with Montrose, King Kobra and more, coming out of retirement after 20 years, replacing Lou Gramm and how he got to be in Foreigner, Buster Brown, how SoundScan changed everything, the KISS connection, Mick and Kevin Jones, Mark (Marcie) Free & Kelly Hansen being on the short list of singers auditioning for Foreigner in the early '90s, and much more.

Quote from the interview - on who auditioned along side him to be Foreigner's singer in the early '90s: 

"There were three singers on the short list. One of them was Mark Free (King Kobra)  and the other was Kelly Hansen (who is the lead singer now). It's just so funny how things come and go around."

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