Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon presents Pretty Maids singer, Ronnie Atkins (recorded March 2021) We discuss his new album One Shot, his ongoing battle with cancer, Avantasia and more.



RONNIE ATKINS One Shot - STREAMING Frontiers Music s.r.l. RELEASE DATE: March 12, 2021 Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Danish vocalist Ronnie Atkins to a solo deal. The acclaimed Pretty Maids and Nordic Union vocalist will release his new solo album, "One Shot," on March 12, 2021. "To be honest, I initially had no intention to do a solo album to begin with, but for various reasons and in particularly my own personal health situation I finally decided to have a crack at it," says Atkins. "Around Easter 2020 and only some six weeks after I was told that everything seemingly looked very positive for my health, I was unfortunately diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and told it was incurable, which was devastating news for me. Needless to say, that was a total game changer and I went into kind of a panic situation for a while! But when the dust had settled. I realised there were two ways to approach the situation. I could sit down, accept the facts, and feel pity for myself or I could pull myself up, set some goals, pursue my dreams, and carry on living! And with fantastic back up from my family and true friends, I went for the latter!" continues Atkins. Tracklist: Real Scorpio One Shot Subjugated Frequency Of Love Before The Rise Of An Empire Miles Away Picture Yourself I Prophesize One By One When Dreams Are Not Enough Line-up: Ronnie Atkins: Lead and backing vocals Chris Laney: Rhythm guitars, keyboards and backing vocals Allan Sørensen: Drums Morten Sandager: Keyboards Pontus Egberg: Bass Acoustic guitars: Anders Ringman Lead guitars/solos: Pontus Norgren, Kee Marcello, Olliver Hartmann, John Berg, Chris Laney Additional backing vocals: Chris Laney, Linnea Vikström Egg, Olliver Hartmann, Bjørn Strid Produced by: Chris Laney Mixed by Jacob Hansen

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