On this episode of Westwood One's Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon. New interviews with QUEENSRŸCHE, guitarist DAMON JOHNSON and BUCKCHERRY. The affable Alan Niven co-hosts.

Before our first interview, Alan offers his managerial advice to bands bitten by the Pledge Music bug.   In our first interview, Queensrÿche guitarist Michael Wilton discusses the band's brilliant new album The Verdict, addresses the Pledge Music campaign situation, Uli Jon Roth, the evolution of the band and currently having two original members, is Scott Rockenfield's leave - permanent, the band's resilience, the importance of Todd La Torre, looking back on the album Hear In The Now Frontier, and more.   Before our second interview Alan and Mitch discuss Alice Cooper, the imagery of Guns N' Roses, new music from GNR and Alan reveals who is 'real prima donna pain in the a**'   In our second interview, we sit down with (Brother Cane, Think Lizzy, Alice Cooper) Damon Johnson to talk about his new Memoirs Of An Uprising solo album, the chance to be his own boss, is he out of the 'hire gun' business, Thin Lizzy dates, exploring country music, and much more.   Before our Buckcherry interview, Alan & Mitch talk about the band, Scott Weiland, 'The Project' with Duff & Slash and critiques Jack Russell's current band.   And we end the episode with Buckcherry's Josh Todd. He discusses the band's new album WARPAINT, the changed personnel in the band, using 15 producer Mike Plotnikoff and what he brings to the band, his approach to songwriting, story telling, why has the band not quit (approx. 1h 33mins), 20th anniversary, is he in a 'happy place' in life, a personal reconciliation with guitarist Keith Nelson, how the pick the songs to cover, and more.    Twitter: @mitchlafon Instagram: @mitch_lafon

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