April 10th birthday girl Beth Riley has a deep track from The Beach Boys in her Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break! Producer/musician Norbert Putnam talks about producing Jimmy Buffett's biggest hit (and one of the most popular songs of all time).  We play a track from our buddy Bruce Johnston from an album celebrating it's 60th anniversary this year in the Good Time Segment and we drop a coin in the Jammin' James Jukebox to hear our selection of the week (with a tie to another member of The Beach Boys too).  Plus, we've got rockers from Sys Malakian, The Tourmaliners, Perry Dear & The Deerstalkers, Susanna Hoffs, The Desolate Coast, Shoreline Dreamers, Dick Dale, Into The Soup, Trabants, The Foreign Films, Pollo Del Mar and Spooky Boys!


Intro music bed: "Catch A Wave"- The Beach Boys   Sys Malakian- "Surf 190" Shoreline Dreamers- "Liberty Bell" The Tourmaliners- "Starshine" Trabants- "Leaving Town" Susanna Hoffs- "Under My Thumb"   "Good Time" segment: Bruce Johnston 60th Anniversary of Surfin' 'Round The World (1963) Bruce Johnston- "Malibu"   Into The Soup- "Surfin' With Winkle" Spooky Boys- "Past Tense"   Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break: The Beach Boys- "I Just Got My Pay" Follow "Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break" HERE   The Foreign Films- "A Perfect Future" Pollo Del Mar- "Inner Sunset" Dick Dale & His Del-Tones- "Flashing Eyes" The Desolate Coast- "Dracutela"   Green Room segment: Norbert Putnam on working with Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Buffett- "Margaritaville"   Jammin' James Jukebox selection of the week: Chicago- "Baby, What A Big Surprise" (Carl Wilson on BGV's)   Perry Dear & The Deerstalkers- "Motorkonvoien '64"   Outro music bed: Eddie Angel- "Deuces Wild"