Connor Rocket co-hosts our Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour Halloween Show!  It's a ghoulishly fun show full of ghosts, witches, monsters, devils and more!  We also hear Freddy Cannon talk to us about "Svengoolie Stomp".  Plus, hear tunes from Reverend Horton Heat, Los Straitjackets, Bo Diddley, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Marcel Bontempi, Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures, Ronnie Dawson, Messer Chups, Gin Gillette, Sleepy LaBeef, The Cramps, Sonny Richards, Bloodshot Bill, Buck Owens, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Polecats and The Diamonds.  Listen if you dare!!!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Monster Mash" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues" and "Stranger Things Theme" by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein


Reverend Horton Heat- "The Halloween Dance"

Marcel Bontempi- "Old Mad Witch"

Gin Gillette- "Train To Satanville"

*Night Of The Blood Beast trailer

Sonny Richards Panics with Cindy & Misty- "The Voodoo Walk"

Bo Diddley- "Bo Meets The Monster"

The Polecats- "Grave Digger Rock"

The Diamonds- "Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein Or Dracula"

*The Astro Zombies trailer

Buck Owens- "(It's A) Monster's Holiday"

Bloodshot Bill- "Never Wanna See That Face Again"


Freddy Cannon interview segment

Freddy Cannon- "Svengoolie Stomp"


The Cramps- "Goo Goo Muck"


instru-Mental Breakdown:

Messer Chups- "Ghost Party"

Los Straitjackets- "Ghostbusters"


Screamin' Jay Hawkins- "Little Demon"

Southern Culture On The Skids- "She's My Witch"

Ronnie Dawson- "Rockin' In The Cemetery"

Captain Clegg & The Night Crawlers- "Transylvania Terror Train"


Outro Music Bed: Satan's Pilgrims- "Haunted House Of Rock"