We hear new tunes from JD McPherson, The Caezars, The Mavericks and Brian Baker and some classic and obscure rockers from Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Elvis, The Rockats, Johnny Bond, Chris Isaak, Robert Gordon, the Instru-Mental Breakdown returns and more!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Rock 'N' Roll Girl"

JD McPherson- "Mother Of Lies"

Chris Isaak- "Gone Ridin'"

Johnny Bond- "Hot Rod Lincoln"

Robert Gordon- "Too Fast To Live"

The Caezars- "Even The Graveyard's Dead"

Buddy Holly- "Love Me"

Ritchie Valens- "Ooh My Head"

Bill Justis- "Raunchy"

Bruce Johnston- "Ramrod"

The Mavericks- "Stories We Could Tell"

Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers- "Oakie Boogie"

Brian Baker- "53"

Stray Cats- "Mystery Train Kept A Rollin'"

Elvis Presley- "Frankfort Special"

The Rockats- "Go Cat Wild"

Nick Curran- "Psycho"

Billy Lee Riley- "Got The Water Boiling"

Moonshine Reunion- "Desperate"