We start a new segment called "Heavy Hitter, Triple Threat" where we have a triple play including a legacy artist and 2 more acts covering that artist.  This time we hear "The Man In Black" Johnny Cash along with Cash covers from Raul Malo and Hayden Thompson.  We also get another Ameripolitan Music Awards spotlight with Levi Dexter, Mike Penny & His Moonshiners, The Rhyolite Sound, Charley Crockett and The Kokomo Kings.  Plus, hear NEW tunes from The Lincolns, Scotty Baker, Kyle Lacy & The Harlem River Noise, Kim Wilson, The Highjivers and rockers from Brenda Lee, Darrel Higham and more!!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"

  Darrel Higham- "Save Me With Your Kiss" Kyle Lacy & The Harlem River Noise- "Whiskey Blues" Carl Perkins- "Rockin' Record Hop" Charlie Feathers- "Get With It" The Malpass Brothers- "Caught In The Middle" Kim Wilson- "Mean Old Frisco" The Highjivers- "I Can't Believe It"   Heavy Hitters, Triple Threat segment: Johnny Cash- "Rollin' Free" Raul Malo- "I Guess Things Happen That Way" Hayden Thompson- "Hey Porter"   Ameripolitan Music Awards Spotlight: Mike Penny & His Moonshiners- "Jump Jack Jump" Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers- "Oakie Boogie" The Rhyolite Sound- "Too Late For Love" Charley Crockett- "Night Train To Memphis" The Kokomo Kings- "You Need A Little Dirt (To Make The Grass Grow)"   Scotty Baker- "Lady Killer" The Lincolns- "Hundred Dollar Bill" Brenda Lee- "The Stroll"   Outro Music Bed: Charlie Feathers- "Chicken Plucker"