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CADILLAC: Rockabilly Bop , Teds'n'Arse, Black Flash records
ROCK'N'ROLL CANNABLES I really want to RocknRoll, Blood N Pomade,Selfreleased
HIGH NOON : Lets Go Daddy O , Cosmic Party ; Goofin Records
WYNONIE HARRIS : Rock , Mr. Blues , Rock Mr Blues , Rev-ola
the ATOMICS : Cmon Every Body , Shrink to Fit 2, Slick o Rama
? ; Tonight We're Gonna Rock, demo , unreleased
BONZO DOG BAND , Blue Suede Shoes , the Donut in Grannys Grenhouse , Emi
the BOP CATS : Jet Tone Boogie , Original , Talsti
PETE DRAKE : You All Come , Best Of , Gusto

the 99ers; Stand Up and Surf , Stand Up and Surf , Spinout
The ESSEX: Pray for Surf , Lost Legends of Surf Guitar , Sundazed
BANG ! MUSTANG ! ; King Kahuna, Surfing NSA , Rhythm Bomb
the SHARKSKINS; Mojito #4, Surfmania , Nitroboy
the BREAKERS : Surf Bird , Surf Fiction , Zyx
DON TIKI ; Clutch Cargo Cult , Mug Shots, Taboo

TEX MORTON; Hopped Up , Hopped Up , Hopped Up
the CRAMPS; Mean Machine , Flamejob, the Medicine Label
SAMMY MASTERS: Twin Pipes + Pinstripes , Single , Ecco Fonic
TRIO AGAVE: Slant 6 ,the Tequila Band with the Rockn Roll Problem, ethyl recs
BRIAN STEZER: Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped Up Model Ford , Rockabilly Riot , Surf DFog
BONES MAKI: Tiger in My Tank , Hot Rodders Choice , Rhythm Bomb
LINK WRAY : Drag Race ,the Original Rumble, Rhino
the NEANDERTHALS: Spinout , Shutdown 2002 B.C. , Spinout

HOUR 2 exclussively on
8pm on Sunday evening and 1am on Tuesday mornings

PHIL HUMMER; Lets Make Some Sin , Gas Pumpers Blues. self released
the POLECATS: 99 Chicks , Best Of , Rockabilly
JOHNNY BURNETTE; Oh Bay Babe, Rock and Roll Tonight , Hydra
JUMPIN JUPITER ; Bikini Girls with Machine Guns, Ground zero , Self Released
the REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS : Beaver , Whip It Out , Lanerk
JR BROWN : Venom Wearing Denim , Semi Crazy , Curb
ELROY PEACE; Onion Breath Baby , Stompin #14 , Stompin
JANE BOWMAN : Mad Mama, Teenage Doll, Buffallo Bop
BILLY SANDLIN ;She's Mean , Single , Asterix

WANDA JACKSON ; Mean Mean Man , Vintage , Capitol
MORT WISE+ the WISEMEN ;Wild Boy , Single, Sierra
the ROADKINGS;Mean Eyed Cat , Get Rhythm , Raucous Recs
the ULTRAKINGS : I Take What I Want , Streamlined Deluxe, Barn Burner
RAY SMITH : Right Behind You Baby , Single SUN
SLICK PELT : Dirty Deeds, Hell From the Hills, Self Released
DICK DALE : Take It Off , Best Of ,,, Rhino
the TRASHMEN : My Baby Does The Bird , Bringing Back the Trash , Major Label
LORD DENT + the INVADERS; Wolfcall, Wolf Call , Norton

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