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Twistin Turantulas; Lets Go , Attack Of..., Adequate Music
the UltraKings; I lIke Rockabilly , Streamline Deluxe , Barn Burner
RocknRoll Cannibles ; I Really Want To RocknRoll, Blood + Pomade , self Released
the Round up Boys ; House Party , Hits for Teen-Agers, Rhthym Bomb
Chuck Murphy ; They Raided the Joint, Hillbilly Fever , proper
the Collins Kids: Party, the Rockin'est , Bear family
Paul Paterson ; Peter Gunn , Night of 1000 Guitars , Rollin Records

Robert Gordon ; Under Your Spell Again , Im Coming Home , Lanark
Jimmy Haggert ; Why Do You Do ME?, single , Sun Recs
the GoGetters ; Ice Cold Baby, Real Gone , Part
Bill Haley and the Comets; Icey Heart, RocknRoll Arrives, Bear Family
Glen Barber ; Ice Water , Rokcin and Rollin , Proper
Teencats ; Stoned in Love With You , Rockin Rhythms Enviken
Junior Brown, Too Many Nights in a Roadhouse , 12 Shades of Brown , Curb
Wanda Jackson ; Funnel of Love , Live at the Record Collector ,Bordentown Nj
Lara Hope and the Arktones; Fujiama Mama, Heart Beat , self released
Art Adams ; Dancing Doll, Dancing Doll, Flying Saucer

Ali Edge and the Shadowbirds; Old Cars,Tattoos, Bad Girls and Wild Guitars, " " , Rhythm Bomb
Hanks Jalopy Demons ; BeatUp 40 Ford , Music on the Up Beat , rhythm Bomb
Ezra Lee ; Motorhead Baby , " " , Rhythm Bomb
the Houserockers; Rocky Road Blues , Blue Swingin Mama , Rhythm Bomb
Billy D. Light Trio, Massacre at Gorilla Beach , Massacre , self released
Ali Gator ; Motorcycle Bound , " " , Crazy Love Records
the Sprague Brothers; Beep Beep , the Best of 2 , El Toro
the Lustre Kings ; Way Out There , " " , Wild Boar
Slick Andrew ; Beer it Up , " " , Wild Hare Recs
Bill Turner and the Blue Smoke ; Weekend , demo
Los Strait Jackets ; Wild Weekend , Sings the Instrumental Hits , Yep Roc

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the Bonneville Barrons ; Lonely Wolf , Rockabilly Party , Crazy Times
Levi Dexter ; Put Your Cat Clothes On , Roots Man , Rhythm Bomb
the Cramps ;Creature From the Black Leather Lagoon , Stay Sick ,Vengence
Sun Connection ; Tiger Man , Sex, Velvet + Rock n Roll , Trichord
Ronnie Dawson ; Rockin Dog , Monkey Beat , Crystal Clear
Billy Starr ; Hound Dog , Hot Guitar , Proper
the Domestic Bumble Bees; the Screaming Lobster, Break Up Bop , Enviken
George McCormick ; Dont Fix up the Doghouse, Cattin Around , Proper
Bloodshot Bill; Puppydog Love , Thunder and Lightening , Norton
Versatiles ; Moon Dawg , Shake Um Up Rock, Norton
Jay Hodge Ork ; Goatsville , Desperate Rock n Roll, Norton
Crazy Joe and the Mad River Outlaws; Flight of the Beverly Bumblebillies , the King of Nerdabilly , Atom

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