Jukebox Lean – The New Bomb Turks
Glitter & Gold – Cheap Time
The Panther – The East Bay Sound
The Desert – The Delta Bombers
That’s The Bag I’m In – The Fabs
A Mighty Thing – Mickey & The Salty Sea Dogs
The Mark Of Zorro – The Banditos
She Done Moved – The Spats
Screamin’ Kid – Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords
Like A Rolling Stone – Phil Flowers & The Flower People
Gallon Drunk – Gallon Drunk
Tom Cat – Muddy Waters
Wolf Teeth – J.D. McPherson
Soho – The Side Men
Shot Down – Nick Curran & The Nite Lifes
I Can’t Stop Thinking About It – The Dirtbombs
No Matter What You Do – Lesley Gore
Bangkok – Alex Chilton
Movin’ – Eddie & The Showmen