I’m Gonna Kill You Tonight – Lightning Beatman & The Never Heard Of ‘Ems
I Can Only Give You Everything – Them
Huesos – The Hollywood Sinners
Green Bottle – The Pignose Willys
Nervous – The Fabulous Playboys
No Puedo Parar – Los Aspiradoras
Dyno-Mite – Ape City R & B
Motorcross Pt. 2 – Logic City
In A Dirty Cellar – Pirate Love
It’s Nothing To Me – Harry Johnson
High School Girls – Bantam Rooster
Mascara Mama – The Tweeters
Shirts Off – Armitage Shanks & Billy Childish
Electro II [The Revenge] – The Meteors
Bad & Evil – The Masonics
Last Plane Out Of Mexico – The Charles Napiers
The Persuaders Theme – The Charles Napiers
Shots! – Los Raw Meat
Carlos – El Ray
Hey Joe – Number Nine
Usukudara – Takeshi Tarauchi & The Bunnys
Money – John Lee Hooker
Viva! Del Santo – Southern Culture On The Skids
Little Red Book – Benny Joy