Rock & Roll High – The AL Garage Punk Band
Jolly Good – The Mobbs
Don’t Let Me Down – The Porno Stuntman
Train Song – The Slim Customers
Private Affair – Bantam Rooster
Who’s Ready To Get High? – The Didjits
Trouble – The Oblivians
Till The Money Runs Out – Jack ‘O’ & The Tearjerkers
Boogiehut – The Get Lost
Swimming With The Sharks – Speedball Jr.
Comanche – The Revels
Sushi – The Wangs
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Robert Johnson & The Punchdrunks
Structo – Man… Or Astro-Man?
Bonanza – Strangers 1800
Thunderball – Johnny Cash
The Rope & The Colt – Scott Walker
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Tommy Garrett
Jerry Lee Vs The Wolfman – The Evil Eyes
Mystery Train – Johnny Waleen
Cuban Rebel Girl – Tav Falco & The Panther Burns
Blue Fire – Don Ellis
Never So Sad – The Masonics [Feat. Ludella Black]
The Ghost Of Baghdad – The Flaming Stars