Welcome back to this adventure's finale! Thanks to an ancient tower and strange xenos technology, Jay and Andrew have discovered the location of the treasure ship. Unfortunately, they must race against the pirate, Elaine, and her Captain, the Dread Pirate LeChuck. Will they be triumphant? Tune in and find out!     The Players:   Jay Jones as an Eldar Ranger.   Andrew Dickinger as a Skitarii Ranger.     Game Master:   Daniel Fernandez as Daniel, the Servo Skull.     The Wrath & Glory Roleplaying Game belongs to Games Workshop and Ulisses Spiele North America.     Listen to full episodes at PartialArc.com  Email us questions at wrathandstory@gmail.com and we might answer them on future episodes! Also you can find us on Twitter at @partialarc.     Saint-Saëns: The Carnival of the Animals - VII. Aquarium    "Nostromo" Tabletop Audio (https://tabletopaudio.com/)