Salty Dog's ADAPTOR Podcast, December 2018

Natural selection, yep you can adapt to all that's good in blues in roots. This time around we track with Doug Demming, Samantha Martin, Malcolm Holcombe, Spin Doctors, Paul Oscher, Duke Robillard, GG Davies, Tex Perkins, Liza Ohlback, Larkin Poe, Doyle Bramhall, Stormcellar, Warren Zevon, Paul Butterfield, Layla Zoe, Kelly Auty, Chip Taylor, Yolanda Ingley, Linda Ronstadt, Rolling Stones, Cedric Burnside, Katie Knipp, David Phillips.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Doug Demming N Jewel Tones (Momma Didn't Raise No Fool) CD 'Falling Through The Cracks'
  2. Samantha Martin N Delta Sugar (All Night Long) CD 'Run To Me'
  3. Malcolm Holcombe (Old North Side) CD 'Come Hell Or High Water'
  4. The Spin Doctors (Traction Blues) CD 'If The River Was Whiskey'
  5. Paul Oscher (Poor Man Blues) CD 'Cool Cat'
  6. Duke Robillard (Gambler Blues) CD 'Guitar Groove-A-Rama'
  7. ** GG Davies (Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night) CD 'Soul Shine'
  8. ** Tex Perkins, Don Walker, Charlie Owen (Harry Was A Bad Bugger) CD 'All Is Forgiven'
  9. ** Liza Ohlback (2 Month Man) CD 'Mercy Train'
  10. Larkin Poe (Mississippi) CD 'Venon N Faith'
  11. Doyle Bramhall II N Norah Jones (Searching For Love) CD 'Shades'
  12. ** Stormcellar (Lady Grey) CD 'Safe Harbour Rogue State'
  13. Warren Zevon (My Sh*t's F^%ed Up) CD 'Life'll Kill Ya'
  14. Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Gene's Tune) CD 'Paul Butterfield Blues Band Live'
  15. Layla Zoe (Automatic Gun) CD 'Gemini'
  16. ** Kelly Auty (Doin' It Right) CD 'Big Gold Sun'
  17. Chip Taylor (Could You Be A Little Less Supportive) CD 'A Bread Factory'
  18. ** Yolanda Ingley II (I Must Love You) CD 'Woman Got To Cry'
  19. Linda Ronstadt (Tumblin' Dice) CD 'Simple Dreams'
  20. Rolling Stones (Tumblin' Dice) CD 'Exile On Main Street'
  21. Cedric Burnside (We Made It) CD 'Benton County Relic'
  22. Katie Knipp (Quite Hell) CD 'Midnight Mind'
  23. David Phillips (Heart Of Glass) CD 'Acoustic Cover Versions'