Salty Dog's BEARER Podcast, August 2018

Taking the weight, the BEARER show brings you a whole mess of good things tone hounds. Tracks from Big Merino, Fiona Boyes, Dr Ross, Gretchen Peters, Mike Vernon, Mojo Bluesmen, Ronnie Earl, Uncle Tupleo, Old 97's, Rev Sekou, Neil Young, Dave Graney, Matty T Wall, Wood Brothers, Bo Ramsey, Jimmy Rogers, Muddy Waters, David Phillips, Jimmy LaFave, Betty LaVette, Jordie Lane, Johnny Nichols, David Haerle, Eddie Boyd.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. ** Big Merino (Blackwater) CD 'Suburban Wildlife'
  2. ** Fiona Boyes (I Ain't Fooling) CD 'Voodoo In The Shadows'
  3. Dr Ross (Down South Blues) CD 'Boogie Disease'
  4. Gretchen Peters (The House on Auburn Street) CD 'Blackbirds'
  5. Mike Vernon N Mighty Combo (Be On That Train) CD 'Beyond The Blue Horizon'
  6. ** Mojo Bluesmen (Doin' Time) CD 'Blast OIf Badass'
  7. Ronnie Earl N Kim Wilson (Abandoned) CD 'Now My Soul'
  8. Uncle Tupleo (Give Back The Key To My Heart) CD 'Anodyne'
  9. Old 97's (Intervention) CD 'Most Messed Up'
  10. Rev Sekou N The Holy Ghost (We Comin) CD 'The Revolution Has Come'
  11. Neil Young (Lookout Joe) CD 'Tonight's The Night'
  12. ** Dave Graney N Coral Snakes (You're Just Too Hip) CD 'Night Of The Wolverine'
  13. ** Matty T Wall (Can't Stop Thinkin) CD 'Sidewinder'
  14. The Wood Brothers (The Muse) CD 'The Muse'
  15. Bo Ramsey (Big Bill) CD 'In The Weeds'
  16. Jimmy Rogers N Hip Linkchain (Blow Wind Blow) CD 'Stickshift'
  17. Muddy Waters (Blow Wind Blow) CD 'The Chess Box'
  18. David Phillips (Friends Like You) CD 'Get Along'
  19. Jimmy LaFave (Not Dark Yet) CD 'Cimarron Manifesto'
  20. Betty LaVette (Choices) CD 'The Scene of the Crime'
  21. ** Jordie Lane (I Could Die Looking At You) CD 'Sleeping Patterns'
  22. Johnny Nichols (Hell Bent) CD 'Future Blues'
  23. David Haerle (I Have A Crush) CD 'Garden Of Edendale'
  24. Eddie Boyd (Real Good Feeling) CD 'The Singles Collection 1947-62'