Salty Dog's BLUFF Podcast, November 2016

I ain't bluffin' tone hounds. Take a tour with the Dawg across the delta, see the rock of country blues and the valley of Americana. You got two hours in yer pocket, and I'm liken it! Yep, don't be bluffed again!

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. ** Hat Fitz N Cara (Doing It Again) CD 'After The Rain'
  2. Eric Ambel (It'll Only End In Tears) CD 'Knucklehead'
  3. Randall Bramblett (Dead In The Water) CD 'Devil Music'
  4. ** Dreamboogie (Ridin With My Baby) CD 'Wearin It Out'
  5. Gov't Mule (Same Thing) CD 'The Tel Star Sessions'
  6. The Knickerbocker AllStars (You Upset Me Baby) CD 'Open Mic At The Nick'
  7. Lucinda Williams (Sweet Side) CD 'World Without Tears'
  8. Chris Whitley (Frontier) CD 'Hotel Vast Horizon'
  9. Vanesse Thomas (Sweet Talk Me) CD 'The Long Journey Home'
  10. ** The Walters (Wanna Rock You) CD 'High Time, Night Time'
  11. Rolling Stones (Hate To See You Go) CD 'Blue N Lonesome'
  12. Little Walter (Hate To See You Go) CD 'The Complete Chess Masters'
  13. Matt Andersen (One Good Song) CD 'Honest Man'
  14. Moreland N Arbuckle (Tall Boogie) CD '7 Cities'
  15. ** Russell Morris (Cut You Loose) CD 'Red Dirt Red Heart'
  16. ** Fiona Boyes (Love Changing Blues) CD 'Professin The Blues'
  17. ** Claude Hay (Get Me Some) CD 'Live At The Clarendon'
  18. Grayson Capps (Get Back Up) CD 'If You Knew My Mind'
  19. Lurrie Bell (Don't Let The Devil Ride) CD 'The Devil Ain't Got No Music'
  20. Lucinda Williams (Hot Blood) CD 'Car Wheels Deluxe WXPN - Live At The World Cafe'
  21. Jayhawks (Quiet Corners) CD 'Paging Mr Proust'
  22. Son Volt (Tear Stained Eye) CD 'Trace'
  23. Wilco (Kamera) CD 'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot'
  24. Jack White (Entitlement) CD 'Lazaretto'
  25. Johnny Cash (Four Strong Winds) CD 'American V: A Hundred Highways'