Salty Dog's DETACH Podcast, May 2018

Detached and unhinged. Take a trip inside the Dawg's blues and roots circus. Tracks this week from RJ Mischo, Jason Ricci, Sue Foley, Link Wray, Carolyn Wonderland, Paul Rishell N Annie Raines, 8 Ball Aitken, RL Burnside, Heartache State, Mudcrutch, Paul Kelly, David Phillips, Chris Smither, Cat Canteri, Frank Zappa, Nighthawks, Greg Izor, Jimmie Vaughan, Too Slim N The Taildraggers, Amanada Emblem Experiment, Lloyd Spiegel, Little Boys Blue, Collard Greens N Gravy, BluesBones, Neil Young.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. R.J. Mischo (What I Got To Have) CD 'West Wind Blowin'
  2. Jason Ricci N JJ Appleton (Can't Believe It's This Good) CD 'Dirty Memory'
  3. John Hiatt (Shredding The Document) CD 'Walk On'
  4. Sue Foley N Charlie Sexton (Come To Me) CD 'The Ice Queen'
  5. Link Wray (Ain't That Lovin You Baby) CD 'Turn Right'
  6. Carolyn Wonderland (Bad To The Bone) CD 'Moon Goes Missing'
  7. Paul Rishell N Annie Raines (Even Good Women Have Bad Days) CD 'Blues Harp Meltdown'
  8. ** 8 Ball Aitken (High Water) CD 'Swamp Blues'
  9. R.L. Burnside (Long Haired Doney) CD 'No Monkeys On This Train'
  10. ** Nick Barker N The Heartache State (Clockstar) CD 'The Heartache State'
  11. Mudcrutch (Scare Easy) CD 'Mudcrutch'
  12. ** Paul Kelly (Sonnet 138) CD 'Seven Sonnets And A Song'
  13. David Phillips (This Time) CD 'Get Along'
  14. Chris Smither (She Said She Said) CD 'Call Me Lucky'
  15. ** Cat Canteri (What I Need) CD 'Late At Night'
  16. Frank Zappa (Fire And Chains) CD 'Make A Jazz Noise Here'
  17. The Nighthawks (Where Do You Go?) CD 'American Landscape'
  18. Greg Izor N Marco Pandolfi (Don't Get me Wrong) CD 'Homemade Wine'
  19. Jimmie Vaughan Trio (Can't Buy Me Love) CD 'Live At C-Boys'
  20. Too Slim N The Taildraggers (Get Your Going Out On) CD 'Blood Moon'
  21. ** The Amanda Emblem Experiment (The Other Side) CD 'Who Is Amanda Emblem?'
  22. ** Lloyd Spiegel (Beautiful And Dangerous) CD 'Backroads'
  23. Little Boys Blue (Hard Blue Space) CD 'Hard Blue Space'
  24. ** Collard Greens N Gravy (This Is It) CD 'Luedella'
  25. The BluesBones (The End) CD 'Chasing Shadows'
  26. Neil Young (Ambulance Blues) CD 'On The Beach'