Salty Dog's ETCH Podcast, November 2018

Some of these tunes will etch into your inner mind where the blues takes hold... yeah, whatever Salty! Anyway, damn fine tracks from Oscar Wilson, Chip Taylor, Son Volt, Layla Zoe, Nathan Beretta, Paul Butterfield, Malford Milligan, Storyville, Courtney Barnett, Aaron Pollock, Tanya Lee Davies, Yolanda Ingley II, Richard Thompson, John Hiatt, Joe Beard, River City Aces, Endless Boogie, Watermelon Slim, Black Sorrows, Bob Corritore, Mipso, Charlie Musselwhite, Blair Dunlop.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Oscar Wilson (Further On Up The Road) CD 'One Room Blues'
  2. Chip Taylor, Kendel Carson Johny Palantia (Measurin') CD 'Rock And Roll Joe'
  3. Son Volt (Medication) CD 'Okemah and the Melody of Riot'
  4. Layla Zoe (The Good Life) CD 'Gemini'
  5. ** Nathan Beretta (Telephone Blues) CD 'Where I Belong'
  6. Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Losing Hand) CD 'Keep On Moving'
  7. Malford Milligan N Southern Aces (The Man I Used To Be) CD 'Life Will Humble You'
  8. Storyville (Good Day For The Blues) CD 'Live At Antones'
  9. ** Courtney Barnett N Kurt Vile (Fear Is Like A Forest) CD 'Lotta Sea Lice'
  10. ** Aaron Pollock (Easy Rider) CD 'Anxieux'
  11. ** Tanya Lee Davies N Andy Baylor (My Sweet Love Ain't Around) CD 'The Duetting Damsel'
  12. ** Yolanda Ingley II (The Bridge) CD 'Woman Got To Cry'
  13. Richard Thompson (She Cut Off Her Long Silken Hair) CD 'You? Me? Us?'
  14. John Hiatt (The Odds Of Loving You) CD 'The Eclipse Sessions'
  15. Joe Beard, Duke Robillard (Long Tall Shorty) CD 'Dealin'
  16. ** River City Aces (The Things I Gonna Do) CD 'River City Aces'
  17. Endless Boogie (Occult Banker) CD 'Long Island'
  18. Watermelon Streets (Mean Street) CD 'Golden Boy'
  19. ** The Black Sorrows (Silvio) CD 'Silvio'
  20. Bob Corritore N Friends (Laundromat Blues) CD 'Don't Let The Devil Ride'
  21. Mipso (People Change) CD 'People Change'
  22. Charlie Musselwhite (My Road Lies in Darkness) CD 'Sanctuary'
  23. Blair Dunlop (No Go Zones) CD 'Gilded'