Salty Dog's LITHIUM Podcast, August 2016

Lithium, it's a miracle mood thing, it powers ya phone, and this week it drives the Lithum show. On our periodic table tour we come up with a powerhouse of roots style. Yep, git on it!

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Moreland N Arbuckle (Tall Boogie) CD '7 Cities'
  2. R.J. Mischo (Sugar Babe) CD 'Everything I Need'
  3. MRP 'Spam Man' CD 'Karma Artist Compilation 2003'
  4. Fleetwood Mac w. Otis Span (Someday Baby) CD 'All Blues'
  5. Simon Campbell (The Man) CD 'The Knife'
  6. Malcolm Holcombe (Who Carried You) CD 'RCA Sessions'
  7. ** Kristen Lee Morris (Jesus, Valium) CD 'Ruins'
  8. The Two (On and On) CD '5th European Blues Challenge 2015'
  9. Mighty Mojo Prophets (Lucky Man) CD 'Flying Home From Memphis'
  10. Lloyd Jones (Give A Little) CD 'Doin' What It Takes'
  11. ** Aaron West (It Could Be Wrong) CD '504 Soul'
  12. Amos Lee (Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight) CD 'Amos Lee'
  13. Little Charlie N Nightcats (Walkin In The Shadow Of The Blues) CD 'Shadow Of The Blues'
  14. John Mayall (Jazz Blues Fusion) CD 'Country Road'
  15. Cream (White Room) CD 'Wheels Of Fire'
  16. ** Hat Fitz N Cara (Stray Hat) CD 'Do Tell'
  17. Nathan Jones (My Last Nerve) CD 'I Don't Know'
  18. ** Toni Swain (Bigger Fish) CD 'Deepest Water'
  19. Darrell Scott (There's A Stone Around My Belly) CD 'The Invisible Man'
  20. ** Geoff Achison (Another Mile, Another Minute) CD 'Another Mile, Another Minute'
  21. ** Cass Eager (Come My Way) CD 'Home Grown Roots Vol 4'
  22. Endless Boogie (Smokin Figs In The Back Yard) CD 'Focus Level'
  23. Tommy Castro N Painkillers (Ride) CD 'Method To My Madness'
  24. Kelly Joe Phelps (I'd Be A Rich Man) CD 'Lead Me On'