Salty Dog's PEDAL Podcast, May 2018

With the pedal flat to the floor, we head off down the blues n roots highways, and a few side roads as well tone hounds. Tracks from Ian Siegal, Tex Don Charlie, Nick Moss, Samantha Martin, Detonics, David Philips, Hamish Andersen, Round Mountain Girls, Jeff Tweedy, Johnny Cash, Chris O, Richard Thompson, Fred Smith, Ryan Cavanaugh, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Joyann Parker, Tony Joe White, Dave Hole, Bob Dylan, Justin Johnson, Micke Bjorklof, Ludwig Seuss.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Ian Siegel (The Sh*t Hit) CD 'All The Rage'
  2. ** Tex, Don N Charlie (One Step Ahead Of The Blues) CD 'You Don't Know Lonely'
  3. Nick Moss N Dennis Gruenling (Get Your Hands Outta My Pockets) CD 'The High Cost Of Low Living'
  4. Samantha Martin N Delta Sugar (Addicted) CD 'Send The Nightingale'
  5. Detonics (Same Old Story) CD 'Live Evidence'
  6. David Philips (What Am I?) CD 'David Philips On Black N Tan Vol 1'
  7. ** Hamish Andersen (Hold On Me) CD 'Trouble'
  8. ** Round Mountain Girls (Meet You At The End) CD 'Meet You At The End'
  9. Jeff Tweedy (Lost Love) CD 'Together At Last'
  10. Johnny Cash (One) CD 'American III: Solitary Man'
  11. ** Chris O (You Mine) CD 'Twisted Roots N Twisted Highways'
  12. Richard Thompson (Devonside) CD 'Hand Of Kindness'
  13. ** Fred Smith (Texas) CD 'Texas'
  14. Ryan Cavanaugh (Long In The Tooth) CD 'Ryan Cavanaugh N No Mans Land'
  15. Clarence Gatemouth Brown (Long Way Home) CD ' Long Way Home'
  16. Joyann Parker (Who What When Where Why) CD 'Hard To Love'
  17. Tony Joe White (Cool Town Woman) CD 'Closer To The Truth'
  18. ** Dave Hole (Too Little Too Late) CD 'Goin' Back Down'
  19. Bob Dylan (Visions Of Johanna) CD 'Blonde On Blonde'
  20. Justin Johnson (Loose Change) CD 'Drivin' It Down'
  21. Micke Bjorklof N Blue Strip (Hold Your Fire) CD 'Twenty Five Live'
  22. Ludwig Seuss N Eddie Taylor (You Gotta Take Sick) CD 'Virginia Blues Collection'