Salty Dog's RACKET Podcast, September 2019

It's a fun racket for sure on the Dawg this time around! Great cuts, then Salty talks with Ash Grunwald - roots, blues, crossover master from Australia. After sold out shows on three continents, Ash took five years out to reignite the passion. A fascinating journey and a fabulous new album 'Mojo'. Get on it! Tracks from Damon Fowler, Cash Box Kings, Ash Grunwald, Kim Wilson, Kid Carlos, Doug Deming, Big Merino, Joe Bonamassa, Lena and the Slide Brothers, Stewart Lindsey, Lou Reed, Eric Ambel, Russell Morris, Larkin Poe.

** Australia

  1. Damon Fowler / Thought I Had It All / Sounds of Home
  2. Cash Box Kings / Poison In My Whiskey / Hail To The Kings!
  3. ** Ash Grunwald / Goin Out West / Mojo
  4. Kim Wilson / Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You / That's Life
  5. Kid Carlos Band / Side Tracked / Cannonball
  6. Doug Deming N The Jewel Tones / Put It Down / Falling Through The Cracks
  7. ** Big Merino / How Can You Be So Sure? / Suburban Wild Life
  8. Joe Bonamassa / Redemption / Redemption
  9. Lena N The Slide Brothers / Not Your Fault / IV
  10. Stewart Lindsey / Two People / Spitballin'
  11. Lou Reed / What's Good - The Thesis / Magic And Loss
  12. Eric Ambel / Revolution Blues / This Notes For You Too: Tribute To Neil Young
  13. ** Russell Morris / Black And Blue Heart / Black And Blue Heart
  14. Larkin Poe / Hard Time Killing Floor / Venom N Faith
  15. ** Ash Grunwald / Interview with Salty / (six cuts From) Mojo