Salty Dog's RADIUM Podcast, July 2016
Don't step too close to the machine tone hounds, the vibe rays go right through ya! Radium, yep just too much blues n roots ain't enough. Come and git it!
This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Chris Whitley (Kick The Stones) CD 'Living With The Law'
  2. Zamba (I Found The Blues) CD '6th European Blues Challenge'
  3. ** Geoff Achison w.Lloyd Spiegel (I Wish You Were Here) CD 'Another Mile, Another Minute'
  4. Nathan James (Undecided Woman Blues) CD 'I Don't Know'
  5. Travis Haddix (Word A Lie) CD 'Daylight at Midnight'
  6. Cody Dickinson (Across The Borderline) CD 'Leeway For The Freeway'
  7. Guy Verlinde (Soul Jivin) CD 'Rooted In The Blues'
  8. The Honey Cutters (Golden Child) CD 'On The Ropes'
  9. ** Isaiah B Brunt (Lost Jacket Blues) CD 'A Moment In Time'
  10. R.J. Mischo (Leave Your Man) CD 'Everything I Need'
  11. Seth Walker (Trouble - Don't Want No) CD 'Sky Still Blue'
  12. John Hiatt (What Kind Of Man) CD 'The Open Road'
  13. Guy Forsyth (If I Was Sick) CD 'Can You Live Without'
  14. Danny Gatton (Song Of India) CD 'Redneck Jazz Explosion'
  15. Rocco DeLuca N The Burden (Speak To Me) CD 'I Trust You To Kill Me'
  16. ** Livingstone Daisies (Safety In Numbers) CD 'Don't Know What Happiness Is'
  17. ** Glenn Cardier(The Last Jukebox) CD 'Cool Under Fire'
  18. ** Moving Targets w. Liz Stringer (Thought I Knew Him Well) CD 'Sitting Duck'
  19. ** Paul Greene (See This One Through) CD 'Everywhere Is Home'
  20. Malford Milligan Band (No Beginner At The The Blues) CD 'Rides Again'
  21. Left Lane Cruiser (Amy's In The Kitchen) CD 'Beck In Black'
  22. Slim Bawb N Fabulous Stumpgrinders (Too Many Irons In The Fire) CD 'Gristle N Guts'
  23. Koko Taylor (Voodoo Woman) CD 'Alligator Records 45th Anniversary Collection'
  24. ** Celtis Carr (Stones) CD 'Sedalia Blues'
  25. Jeffery Foucault (Walking At Dusk) CD 'Miles From The Lightning'
  26. Christine Day (Can't Seem To Find My Way Home) CD 'Cover My Soul'