Salty Dog's RIDER Podcast, December 2017

Travelling into the new years horizon on the RIDER show. Heaps of good oil from past and present, including pre release cuts from Tinsley Ellis and Curtis Salgado. Yep, and tracks from Kim Wilson, Tinselly Ellis, John Moreland, Ryler Walker, Rodney Crowell, North Mississippi Allstars, Raised By Eagles, Little Boys Blue, John Mayall, Bo Ramsay, Ronnie Earl, Het Gringo, Austin Walking Cane, Dave Hole, Kelly Joe Phelps, Wayen Jury, Gov't Mule, Rolling Stones, Curtis Sulgado, Alan Hager, Nappy Noir, Anne McCue, Barrel House Chuck.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Kim Wilson (Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You) CD 'That's Life'
  2. Tinsley Ellis (Nothing But Fine) CD 'Winning Hand'
  3. John Moreland (Ain't We Gold) CD 'Big Bad Luv'
  4. Ryley Walker (Twin Peaks Pt 1) CD 'All Kinds Of You'
  5. Rodney Crowell (East Houston) CD 'Close Ties'
  6. North Mississippi Allstars (No Mo) CD 'Electric Blue Waltermelon'
  7. ** Raised By Eagles (Nowhere) CD 'I Must Be Somewhere'
  8. Little Boys Blue (Forget These Blues) CD 'Bad Love'
  9. John Mayall (Brand New Start) CD 'The Blues Alone'
  10. Bo Ramsey (Stranger Blues) CD 'Stranger Blues'
  11. Ronnie Earl N Kim Wilson (Double Trouble) CD 'Now My Soul'
  12. ** Hey Gringo (I Feel So Good) CD 'Not The Same Planet'
  13. Austin Walking Cane (Step It Up N Go) CD 'Murder Of A Blues Singer'
  14. ** Dave Hole (Lost At Sea) CD 'Under The Spell'
  15. Kelly Joe Phelps (Beggar's Oil) CD 'Beggar's Oil'
  16. ** Wayne Jury (Blues In The Kitchen) CD 'Restless'
  17. Gov't Mule (She Said, She Said) CD 'Dose'
  18. Rolling Stones (All Of Your Love) CVD 'Blue N Lonesome'
  19. Curtis Salgado N Alan Hager (One Night Only) CD 'Rough Cuts'
  20. ** Nappy Noir (Ramblin On My Mind) CD 'Drive It Home'
  21. ** Anne McCue (Fading Light) CD 'Yo-Yos, Marbles and a Piece of String'
  22. Barrel House Chuck (Cleo's Mood) CD 'Got My Eyes On You'