Salty Dog's SENDER Podcast, October 2018

We deliver, we transit, we transport... yep the Dawg is the blues SENDER. This time around so many great new tracks and some from the vault! I'm diggin it tone hounds, and so will you. Tracks from Layla Zoe, The Gourds, Andy Baylor, Larkin Poe, Kristen Lee Morris, King Biscuit Boy, Five Eight, Broderick Smith, Fred Eaglesmith, Eric Bibb, Malcolm Holcombe, Buddy Knox, Roy Buchanan, Doug Deming, Johnny Sansome, Detonics, Lindsay Beaver, Little Feat, Tome Waits, Bo Ramsay, Joe Louis Walker, Lousiana Red.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. Layla Zoe (Ghost Train) CD 'Gemini'
  2. The Gourds (Gin N Juice) CD 'Shinebox'
  3. ** Andy Baylor (Restless Spirit) CD 'Blues FromThe Irene Building'
  4. Larkin Poe (Bleach Blond Bottle Blues) CD 'Bleach Blond Bottle Blues'
  5. ** Kristen Lee Morris (Dirty Snake) CD 'Hillbilly Blues'
  6. King Biscuit Boy (Done Everything I Can Do) CD 'Mouth Of Steel'
  7. Five Eight (Suit Of Sin) CD 'I Learned To Shut Up'
  8. ** Broderick Smith (God May Not Be With Us) CD 'Unknown Country'
  9. ** Broderick Smith (Singer In Chains) CD 'Man Out Of Time'
  10. Fred Eaglesmith (You Can't Trust Them) CD 'Tinderbox'
  11. Eric Bibb (Human River) CD 'Human Groit'
  12. Malcolm Holcombe (It Is What It Is) CD 'Come Hell Or High Water'
  13. ** Buddy Knox (A Way Out Of No Way) CD 'Big City'
  14. Roy Buchanan (My Baby Is Sweeter) CD 'Malaguena'
  15. Doug Deming N Jewel Tones (Only Time Will Tell) CD 'Falling Through The Cracks'
  16. Johnny Sansone (Plywood Floor) CD 'Hopeland'
  17. Detonics (Out Of Sight) CD 'Raise Your Bet'
  18. Lindsay Beaver (Mean To Me) CD 'Tough As Love'
  19. Little Feat (Easy To Slip) CD 'Salin Shoes'
  20. Tom Waits (Invitation To The Blues) CD 'Small Change'
  21. Bo Ramsay (Stranger Blues) CD 'Stranger Blues'
  22. Joe Louis Walker, Bruce Katz, Giles Robson (Feel Like Blowin' My Horn) CD 'Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues'
  23. Lousiana Red (I Wonder Who) CD 'Ride On Red, Ride On'