Salty Dog's WIRE Podcast, October 2016

Down to the wire, we're running out of time tone hounds! We squeezed in some mighty fine tunes for ya. Yep - new Backsliders, Beth Hart, Puss N Boots, Teskey Brothers, Blues Arcadia...wait, and there's more! Git it.

This week's Track List:
** Australia

  1. ** Backsliders (Gonna Get Hurt) CD 'Heathen Songbook'
  2. Carlos Del Junco (Just Your Fool) CD 'Just Your Fool'
  3. ** Shane Nicholson (Cheap Wine) CD 'Standing On The Outside: The Songs of Cold Chisel'
  4. Beth Hart (Baby Shot Me Down) CD 'Fire On The Floor'
  5. Dave Migden N The Twisted Roots (Desert Inside) CD '4th European Blues Challenge'
  6. Sean Costello (Anytime You Want) CD 'We Can Get Together'
  7. Puss N Boots (Twilight) CD 'No Fools, No Fun'
  8. ** Sarah Humphreys (Take Your Time) CD 'New Moon'
  9. Doug Cox N Salil Bhatt (Make A Better World) CD 'Slide To Freedom 2'
  10. Joe Bonamassa (Lonesome Whistle Blues) CD (Live At The Greek Theatre)
  11. Lil Ed N Blues Imperials (You Done Me Wrong For The Last Time) CD 'Roughhousin'
  12. Lazer Lloyd (Burning Thunder) CD' Lazer Lloyd'
  13. Neil Young (Lost In Space) CD 'Hawks N Doves'
  14. San Pedro Slim (Rejection Blues) CD 'Another Night On The Town'
  15. Robben Ford N Larry Carlton (That Road) CD 'Live In Toyko'
  16. Watermelon Slim N The Workers (Newspaper Reporter) CD 'The Wheel Man'
  17. ** Hat Fitz N Cara (Stray Hat) CD 'Do Tell'
  18. ** The Teskey Brothers (Pain And Misery) CD 'Pain And Misery'
  19. John Moreland (You Don't Care Enough For Me To Cry) CD 'High On Tulsa Heat'
  20. ** Blues Arcadia (Take The Money) CD 'Blues Arcadia'
  21. Bill Frisell (Messin With The Kid) CD 'Guitar In The Space Age'
  22. ** C.W. Stoneking (How Long) CD 'Gon' Boogaloo'
  23. Jestofunk (Fluid) CD 'Love In A Black Dimension'