This week Sampler brings you a few more golden gems of audio from three different podcasts... and returning guest co-host Chris Neary interviews husband and wife podcasters chronicling their journey of loss and hope on their show, Going Blind Sucks.

**Warning, this episode contains content and language not suitable for children.

Episode #3 Features Clips from:

Combat Jack Show- The Raymond Santana "Central Park 5" Episode

The Heart - Gina Gold

Going Blind Sucks

The Facts:

This episode was edited by Alex Blumberg, Peter Clowney, and Caitlin Kenney.

It was produced by Chris Neary, Matthew Nelson, Rose Reid, and Brittany Luse.

Our theme music was made by Micah Vellian.

Our ad music was made by Build Buildings.Other original music in the show was written and performed by Peter Coccoma.

David Herman mixed this episode.

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