This week, special guests from ReplyAll hosts Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt play Brittany some funnies - all clips from comedy shows.

**Warning, this episode contains adult language.**

Episode #9 features clips from the following episodes (please go to for the hyperlinks):

Comedy Bang Bang Episode #148

You Made It Weird #51 with Kurt Braunohler

Bone Zone #199 with Mark Proksch

The Facts:

This episode was produced by Rose Reid, Sarah Abdurrahman and Brittany Luse.

It was edited by Peter Clowney and Annie-Rose Strasser.

Our theme music was made by Micah Vellian and our ad music was made by Marc Phillips.

Other original music by Bobby Lord. The show was mixed by Matthew Boll.

PJ's 'Introductory Guide to Comedy Bang Bang':


Start at 28 minutes in. It’s James Adomian playing this guy named Tom Leykis, who is an actual, real life horrible misogynist AM radio guy. It makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. It is also a good example of how you can have a misogynist character in a comedy thing without the thing itself being hateful? Also amy poehler is such an amazing straight man.


This episode starts good and goes somewhere transcendent. Also, it highlights one of the ways the show’s strengths, which is just like, the Olympics but instead of good athletes it’s just people with really great imaginations.


This is a weird one to include as a primer. It’s maybe my favorite, but it’s like a particularly stinky cheese. Like, whatever the acquired taste you need to like this show I think this is the episode that rewards it the most. But it also just makes me laugh and is like, a break-in-case-of-emergency gloomy day antidote type of episode.

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