I know I cursed us. Not to say we weren't cursed from the very beginning just by our choices in life, which lead us to this very moment - and I believe my co-hosts Ann Sterzinger and David Cole probably feel it waaay worse than I do since they're stuck with my ass - but I knew this episode wasn't going to be the one to win 'em over.

How did I know this? For starters, Ann's internet was all fucked up, and she actually asked us to wait to start recording while she figured out what the problem was, but she also only had two hours to record. David insisted that we just get going right away and just wait for her to jump in, so what we were we going to do? At that point, we were sailing roughly down the path to nowhereseville, bad jokes and haphazard attempts at being lucid, which was going fine, until the last 30 or so minutes when we were interrupted by an intruder who claimed to be an "existential nihilist."

The entire experienced left me feeling a little cold and unsatisfied with the result. Ya know how the band is at the studio, and everybody is excited, has their parts memorized and seems to be on their a-game, but somehow something just doesn't feel right?

Well, turns out that Marshabaloosh cursed us, and when I listened to the playback, the signal decided to overlap my voice onto Ann's and David's. As a result, David would ask a question, and I would be halfway through the answer before he was even done asking it. And, because I record in mono only because it never occurred to me NOT to record in mono because nobody TOLD ME that I'm not supposed to record in mono, there was NO FUCKING WAY to fix the recording.

As a result, the best I could do was hack and slash the recording to pieces, and use my spittle to splice together the bits and pieces to created something that KIND OF flows. As such, this episode is only 48 minutes long and, to some might come off as some sort of Adult Swim, anti-humor, cut 'n' paste show which isn't SUPPOSED to make sense, but, that's how ALL of our shows are in a sense. So, if I said we did that deliberately, I would be lying.

Initially I was planning on tossing this mess out altogether and telling the fans, "sorry, no episode this week", but you have David McPheeters to thank, who plainly said, "it was fine. There's a lot of good content." Is there? David and I make jokes about living in 1995 and all of the predictions that don't come true, David and Ann tell anecdotes about living in Canada, David talks about Cronenberg films and about Mark Webber's wedding, we try to talk about that event at the NPI conference that sent the mainstream media into a tizzy and I don't do much of anythiiii... OH.

So, there you have it, David and Ann. You wanted audience participation. You wanted a fan to voice his opinion, and you got it. I suppose if ANOTHER person voiced his opinion, it might have cancelled out McPheeters', but I didn't ask another person.

To salvage some enjoyment from this whole messy ordeal, I put the song "Red Vision" by my friend Chris' band the Guild Navigators in the middle. Thanks Chris! BTW, Ann and David, McPheeters feels we should keep the music segment. :P

The song at the end is, of course, "The Diet Has Failed" by Yesticles, and I did the shitty artwork.