Happy Horrorween! This is our not at all special Halloween episode, that I just arbitrarily decided to release on Halloween! Otherwise there is absolutely no other underlying theme, other than "horrorween" sounds like how an Asian man would SAY Halloween.

But, I digress. This is just the outtakes from Episode 20, and boyyy does it show. Ann Sterzinger, David Cole and I discuss politics for like a half hour. So I'm warning you that this episode is pretty fucking boring. I try to convince David that Trump might win, but he refuses to be convinced! My main argument? Because Dilbert creator Scott Adams says so! And, to be perfectly honest, that's as good an argument as any.

At some point, we discuss potential libertarian candidate Dick Boddie, who attempted to light a cigar, but ended up lighting his hand on fire instead. Did I mention that he's black? No, I did not because that is irrelevant to the story.

Then, for the rest of the podcast, Ann and I talk about how Ann got into it with a feminist acquaintance - well, former acquaintance - of mine for trying to concern troll the ladiez of the world. Of course then I talk about how I think she's got a cute ass. And then we talk about the benefits (or lack thereof) of ass grabbing in general.

Look, if you were looking for substance, you came to WRONG place, buddy! But, if you're looking for the conversation of three drunken friends who you wish you never had, but somehow can't help to eavesdrop on, then crack open a beer or smoke a bowl, and turn this sucker up!

The song at the end is "The Diet Has Failed" by the Yesticles, and the artwork was done by Clayton V, who totally exaggerated by receding hairline and made Ann look like Frankenstein's creation would look after several doses of kratom.