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People have accused us of being Islamophobic. So, just to prove them wrong, we became Muslims! Of course, being the incompetent buffoons that we are, we get it all wrong. Ann Sterzinger, you're not supposed to put an actual towel on your head. David Cole, Muslims don't wear skin-tight, leather body suits and pal around with dinosaurs; that's not halal or something. And, in the case of me, I end up looking like the elephant man, and, for some reason, I'm holding a fantasy sword. Ohhh well, we'll eventually get it right.

Anyway, in this episode, we praise the true star of Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mickey Rooney, whose accurate and well acted portrayal of a Japanese man should have won him a best actor award for the 1961 academy awards. Of course, the belittling of Asians doesn't end there. David tells the story about how the scooter driving Asian delivery man probably poisoned his food. Then we talk about shitty kids movies, including the one I just saw; Denial, which is about the trial of Holocaust revisionist David Irving.

Later David, Ann and I discuss pulling a prank on several members of the Friends of Abe GOP fraternity from which David was ejected from little more than three years ago. Then David talks about the prank he played on a former drama teacher involving his wearing of black face. Also, did you know that David never graduated high school?

The band for this week's Sounds of Marshabaloosh is called the Happy Casualties who do a unique cover of "Am I Evil?" by underground heavy metal legends Diamond Head, who I will actually see live next month! One interesting thing about the Happy Casualties is that one of their members is actually podcast listener and friend Stephen Sigl. That means that, unlike our other bands, who let us use their song, but told me to kinda keep it on the DL because, ya know, "political reasons", Sigl actually wants to be acknowledged. Thank you Stephen! Check out the Happy Casualties at

Another interesting development is that David is going to ask the band Kickstand to do a live performance on our show. Which one of their songs do you want to hear them play? Let us know!

The closing song is of course "The Diet Has Failed" by the Yesticles. The art this week was not done by Clayton V, which is why it kinda sucks.