Once again, I'm joined by Ann Sterzinger and David Cole for another round of wonderful, drunken shenanigans. This week we have Jared Taylor impressions, redhead Nazi chick, Ann talking about getting brutally mugged, predictions on Trump's immigration speech (apparently we were wrong), discussion of how the DEA wants to make Kratom illegal for no apparent reason and plenty of superficial references to the Alt-Right for the sole purpose of getting some extra clicks.

Apparently it's wise to put "Alt-Right" in the title of virtually anything you create online because, since the Clinton speech, where she bashed the Alt-Right, people have been searching the term quite extensively lately.

This, of course, begs the question; what exactly is the Alternative Right? Several prominent figures of the Alt-Right have written their interpretations of what the "movement" is all about. The one from Davis Aurini is downright congenial, bordering on politically correct. The one from Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer is practically a war cry against anyone who isn't of the purest Aryan stock. And the one from Colin Liddell of the actual Alternative Right website is somewhere in between, excusing the latter as mostly trolling which shouldn't be taken "too seriously." (How seriously should it be taken?)

Personally, I agree with Jim Goad's article at Takimag that the Alternative Right's common denominator is to combat cultural Marxism (though, lately it seems some people on the Alt-Right have no problem with the old school version). I also, like Goad, feel that, though my Venn diagram overlaps with that of the Alt-Right in that I want to deport illegal aliens, have stronger control of immigration and combat political correctness, I certainly don't need to live in an all white ethnostate, only listen to classical or gay, European electro pop or call every person a cuck for such "transgressions" as race mixing or adopting a child of a different race. The idea of a white couple adopting a black child and not letting him go back to the ghetto from which he came is praiseworthy, not something to heap shame upon someone for.

Those are some of my views in a nutshell. It might make me persona non-grata among some of the more hard liners (well, that and the fact that I'm a Jew), but, I have to maintain a semblance of individuality; I'm not just going to go with the program, and if that makes me not Alt-Right, then you know what you can do with your "movement." And one more thing; yeah, I'm a libertarian. Sure, libertarians have become a joke thanks to the leftist genuflecting of Gary Johnson, but that doesn't mean I can't still believe in small government, equal opportunities but not equal outcomes, no affirmative action, states' rights and the freedom to do whatever you want as long as it doesn't harm another person.