For the audio of the eleventh installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show, I took liberties and changed the title. David Cole lazily called it "Questions, Questions, Questions", because, I guess, we spend more than half this rather long episode answering questions. But, I thought "Gut Ginsu" was a much better title, since Ann Sterzinger, David, and I spent at least five minutes trying to figure out the proper term for when Japs stick swords in their bellies. We also talk about the women's march and my epic troll of an Ypsilanti, MI based "punk rock house" called the Playboy Mansion. Looks like their "like" page was taken down, but here's a link via a different event page. Pretty funny, eh?

Here's David's original and rather lackluster episode synopsis:

The Jew David Cole, the chick Ann Sterzinger, and the Slav that even other Slavs reject as being too dimwitted, Edwin Oslan, return to answer viewer questions, show no respect to the rainbow-colored Benetton ad that is the world, and gripe about Cole's now-departed "Youthful Ward." Please don't forget to attack Cole in the comments for not being the denier your schizophrenia-addled brain dreamed he was during his absence from Holocaust revisionism!