Here is the audio for the twelfth installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show. Isn't the title hilarious and not juvenile at all? This is our longest youtube episode. That's right; 98 depressing minutes that were once only available on youtube, but now are on soundcloud and itunes for your jogging, cycling, and dishwashing ass to enjoy. In this episode, we discuss Slavs, yarmulkes, the Holocaust denier running for Congress, Dave tells his favorite "this district be so black" jokes, Edwin fails to get a joke that even a small child would understand, and Ann discusses her book. A good time was had by none.

In other completely unrelated news, I found out that the 1930, phony gorilla documentary Ingagi is NOT lost. Three nitrate prints are held at The Library of Congress. Not the congress that the Holocaust denier from Chicago is running for though.