I guess, because we went for like two hours, we broke this one up into two parts. Here is the audio for part 1 of the thirteenth installment of the Savage Hippie youtube show. Hawt damn, do David, Ann , and I get into some heavy stuff here; we give a crash course for the uninformed about the differences between Protestants, Catholics, and Baptists, along with bashing reformed Nazi skinheads, who spent half their lives cracking skulls and the second half making money repenting about how they spent half their lives cracking skulls; hey Arno, T.J., and Christian, I haven't read your after school special memoirs, but I'm sure they offer plenty of "hope" in our crumbling multicultural cesspool! David also tells an amusing story about a black female funeral director, and I bash punk rockers in Grand Rapids for spending thousands of dollars to erect a billboard sign that reads "no Gods no masters" rather than giving the money they raised to poor people.