Note to fans: we will have the video for this episode up on youtube next week.

In this special edition (aren't they all special?) of the Savage Hippie video podcast, Ann, David, and I are joined by April Jones, director of The Mentors: King of Sleaze, a brand new documentary about the "rape rock" group the Mentors. 

For those unfamiliar, the Mentors, who still record and perform to this very day, wear executioner hoods and play loud, crude, and catchy heavy metal music that focuses on lyrics which debase and demean women. Their lyrics are so over the top and absurd, it's tough to take them seriously. Yet, some have, resulting in boycotts, protests, and even shows being canceled. 

Over the course of the hour, we discuss the documentary (duh!), stifling political correctness in punk, and how such a film will be perceived by feminists and other purveyors of groupthink. We also answer viewer questions.

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