As if you hadn't heard enough about the standoff between the Catholic Kid and the drum beatin' Indian, Edwin Oslan, Rachel Cohen-Bourne, and new addition Elya Oslan (Edwin's brother, in case ya couldna guess), continue to beat the dead horse into horse paste by actually flashing back to a week earlier, where we give our immediate, ignint, duped by the mainstream media reactions, and THEN correct ourselves a week later. Isn't that clever?

But that's not ALL we talk about! Nope, we also throw in New York's new 'bortion law, Trump's opening the government back up, the controversy surrounding the new Ghostbusters movie, my recent obsession with Michael Moorcock's Elric saga, Rachel's rock star dad, and our love for prog rock. Rachel also further elaborates on her near death experience at the hands of a ectopic pregnancy, and we do our best imitations of whiny New Yawk Jooz.

For this week's Sounds of Marshabaloosh, we give ya a song from the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, the God of Hellfire, who I saw this past Friday with Jex Thoth, Ruby the Hatchet, and Sleepy Sun. The song is called "Muscle of Love" (NOT the Alice Cooper song) and is from Arthur Brown's latest album Zim Zam Zim.

The song at the end is of course "The Diet Has Failed" by the Yesticles, and Rachel did the brilliant photoshop art.