In Prison _ part 1: a set compiled with tracks recorded by inmates while being in jail. the recordings were made in various ways: over the phone, recorded by engineers, field recordings, live concerts, etc..
the amount of material that i found is large, so i had to make a selection. Some artists such as Bad Brains, Lifers Group and Freddy Fender are not in these playlists: the list of musicians and recordings made in jail is exhaustive and not complete by these two sets i made.

OutKast – Nathaniel
Bobby Beausoleil – Part I
Burzum – Dauði Baldrs
Gucci Mane – Gucci Speaks
Gucci Mane – Intro (Live From Fulton County Jail HD)
Escorts – Look Over Your Shoulder
Ohio Penitentiary 511 Ensemble – Java Man
J.B. Smith – Sundown Man
Alan Lomax – Murder’s Home
Dobie Red – About Prison Singers (Interview with Dobie Red)
Jimpson & axe gang – No More, My Lord
George Johnson – Garbage Man
Alex – Prison Blues
Lead Belly – Prison Holler
Leadbelly – Governor O.K. Allen
Glen Sherley – Greystone Chapel
Sonny James – The Prisoner’s Song
Charles Manson – Boxcar Willy And Big Bad Joe
Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun – It Is Echoing All Over The World
Ellis Unit – Log Loading Talk, Yells, Chants