Today’s set is dedicated to ‘time’ : time in all different shapes and forms. Currently i’m touring for 50 days in Europe, gives ‘time’ a different notion every day. This set has been compiled with the help of Steve Gunn.

artist – song:
Roberto Gerhard – Lament For The Death Of A Bullfighter
Skip James – Four O’Clock Blues
Michael Yonkers – The Clock Is Running
Flipper – Now is the Time
Toshiaki Tsushima – Action Start
Jim Sullivan – Roll Back The Time
Dion and the Wanderers – time in my heart for you
Vernon Wray – Facing All the Same Tomorrows
Circuit Rider – Old Time Feeling
Virgin Insanity – Time Of Sorrows Gone Soon
glen francis – all my days are numbered
Norma Tanega – A Street That Rhymes At 6am
The Millennium – 5 A.M.
Bob Dylan & the Band – Any Time
Ennio Morricone – Once Upon a Time in the West
Angel Rada – Panico a Las 5 a.m.
Flaming Tunes – Beguiling The Hours
P’o – Time and Time
Books – Take Time