American television hasn't cornered the market on good sci-fi, but some networks (particularly Netflix) have been very savvy about rebroadcasting and reinventing the best from overseas and up north. We talk about six imports and reboots that are worth your time.

Our show topics this month, in fact, are a couple of imports, both featuring very innovative time travel themes. The first is Dark on Netflix, which released its first season on December 1, and the other is Travelers season 2, which dropped on Netflix as well on December 23.

The cherry on top of this month's podcast is our full interview with William B. Davis of The X-Files, which just began its 11th season on January 3 on FOX. He shares his experiences playing the iconic role of Cigarette Smoking Man on the show.

Timecodes: US Imports & Reboots - 2:10 Dark season 1 on Netflix - 16:30 Travelers season 2 on Netflix - 35:35 The X-Files interview - 56:28

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