Well, it is a sad day. A trailer for a new Star Wars Movie has dropped and even nerds don’t care. The consensus of the Sci-Fi Malady crew is, meh. Great, we brought Lando back for fan service and the Emperor laughing is cool. But we also get absurdity, like Rey jumping a tie fighter, and the Emperor being back.

Episode 9 will probably be good. Maybe an excellent movie. The problem is all the characters we care about are dead now and we weren’t given enough time to pass the torch to the new characters. Instead were told here’s Rey, Finn and Po and you will like because we are killing off just about everyone else. Imagine if Han was killed at start of Empire and replaced with Lando. You like Lando because you had time to come to like Lando, not because you were told “here is the new character you WILL like because the MOUSE says so, LIKE THEM STUPID FAN, LIKE THEMMMMMMMM!”

Episode looks action packed. Looks fun. The Emperor and Lando returning - awesome. How do you solve the problem of the entire rebellion fitting into the Millennium Falcon? How do you undo Rey being Rey Kenobody? Force Ghost Luke is uninteresting at best and how great of a performance as Lando can 900 year old Billy Dee Williams really be expected to give?

It is not that this teaser looks bad, its just that I don’t care anymore because well, I just don’t care about these boring, paper thin characters that have replaced the one’s I loved. Sorry.