Sometimes there is a ton riding on a series. Sometimes, somehow, someway, the future of the great American Film Franchise that could do no wrong and was box office, comic book and toy gold, might hang on the success or failure of a live action series? Insane right? Yet Star Wars and Disney’s insanely large investment to purchase Lucas Films might actually depend on how The Mandalorian is received.

Good news for Disney - it seems to be going over well. Some fans absolutely love it. Others like myself (Scott) feel it is good and a solid effort at telling new stories in the Star Wars sandbox. Young media critics seem to be meh about it or hate it, probably for the reasons fans love it.

Disney’s new direction with Star Wars seems to be a hit with the people that matter - those who watch and love the franchise. It is everything Episodes 7 and 8, Rogue One and Solo were not. Disney has done with this without compromising its larger beliefs and positions but by focusing on telling a fun story with characters fans are interested in - again unlike the other efforts in the DisneyVerse, which focused on boring characters we were told we would like and that were better than our heroes.

This is nearing a rant, so at that note, here’s the podcast. Maybe I continue writing for another platform on the RavingLunaticMedia network and bring that other podcast out of hiatus. But probably not, because I am lazy.

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