What’s new, we finish off September’s topic in October but its very early in October for once and October is Horror Month - so Tremors fits. right?

This week we review Tremors 4, 5 and 6. Why? Well there just isn’t much to these films, although Scott tries to find a deep meaning in Tremors 5 and 6. What can we say. Four rips off back to future 3, 5 rips off everything ever made, Burt gets a son, Val and Rhonda’s daughter show up in 6, and yeah, the graboids find their way to the Canadian arctic, because, why the bleep not?

Tremors 4, 5 and 6. three movies that never should been made, even Earnest from all the “Earnest Goes to…:” movies thinks so. Well maybe not, i have never asked the guy.

***Disclaimer, Sci-Fi Malady does not speak for “Earnest” from “Earnest goes to whatever” movies.

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